Strangers in Death - J.D. Robb

I know... it's written by a romance novelist (Nora Roberts, writing as JD Robb), but I love her "in Death" series. I like novels where I can continue to read about characters and the continuations of their lives. It's a fairly easy read. I picked it up this past week and basically read it in one day. It's a book you just read to enjoy the story, the twists and turns, and of course, figuring out who the murderer is and why. There's a little romance in there with the 2 main characters, who are very much in love and married, so it's got the warm & fuzzies happening for it.

I am drawn to these books because the main character is a Lieutenant for the NYPSD (it's set in 2060) who is a very strong, determined woman who has a very tragic past that haunts her. In past books, she hooked up with the richest guy in the world (he owns, like, everything, which is a constant source of jokes between them) who used to be a criminal. He goes straight, convinces her to marry him, and does part time consulting for the police department to help her out on murder cases.

This particular installment has her facing off against the mastermind of 2 murders, which on the surface seem unrelated. I've read so many of these, I can tell when something will be important later, but it's fun to find out how the characters within the story will figure it out.

If I were rating this book based on the movie system, I'd rate it an R, mainly for language, and violence (some of the murder scenes are described in detail). So, if you aren't into reading about that kind of stuff, this book probably isn't for you.