Sign of Seven Trilogy - Nora Roberts

I loved the books. I love reading Nora Roberts tell a story over 3-4 books.

This story deals with 3 boys, who at the age of 10, inadvertently released a demon when they became blood brothers. Every 7 years, for 7 days, the demon wreaks havoc on their town, causing some people to go mad. It follows what happens when they are at their third "Seven", the strong women they meet, and how they are able to defeat the demon. Each book follows a different guy/girl pairup.

Having read most of Nora Robert's trilogies, they do tend to follow the same general pattern, guy/girl meetup... have to work together to defeat something not entirely good... learn to live life... Even though it is somewhat predictable, I enjoy my time reading these kinds of books. I like to escape into the world she creates and get to know the enjoyable characters.


Waiting to Surface by Emily Listfield

This is another library find. The synopsis on the dust jacket sounded interesting, so I checked it out.

I gave up on this book. After 5 chapters, my attention just wasn't there. I wasn't interested in the story AT ALL.

If you have read this book and found it great, I'm happy for you... I guess it just isn't for me...