Juliet, Naked

Ferry rides are very long. To kill some time I tried a new book. Juliet, Naked is actually really well written. It takes a bit to get through the first 2 chapters, but the book starts moving along with a nice readability. It took about 8 hours to finish it. Decent story line starts with a relationship that's very one sided and quite obsessive. Honestly, I can sort of relate. The story takes a different turn when the main character writes a scathing review of an album of this washed up musician. He appreciates the honesty and the real story of the book starts from there. From heartbreak, to bad decisions, to failed marriages, and disappointments with who you have become. It's a great book to read with introspection that doesn't take a lot if you're just looking for a quick read. Bottom line: this book will give you what you put into it.

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