The Christmas Sweater, by Glenn Beck

We picked up a copy of "The Christmas Sweater" when Glenn Beck was here for his book signing tour, and I read it over New Year's.

The book is a fictional adaptation of some real events that took place in Glenn Beck's life. The story follows Eddie, a 12-yr-old boy, through some of the most difficult times in his life, and how he finally gains the courage to face his personal "storm" and learns to recognize what is really important in life. He also comes to learn that one of the most important steps to finding peace is being able to forgive yourself.

Eddie is at times frustratingly self-centered and stubborn in the book, but given his age and the circumstances, that's not unreasonable. And the lessons he learns are applicable to all of us, regardless of our individual circumstances.

The book made me think about my priorities and appreciate my family. It is a great reminder of the power of love and forgiveness, and of faith. I don't want to give away too much of the story or Glenn's take on it (which he shares at the end), but in my opinion it is inspirational and worth the read.

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