The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

I was given this book by "Santa" in my stocking this year. I have been meaning to read it for quite some time as I loved the movie. While the book and movie have a lot of elements that are different they both cohesively portray the friendship of these 4 girls as they start to grow into their selves. The basic plot is centered around a pair of pants that are magical in the fact that they fit all 4 girls perfectly. These pants were discovered at the beginning of a summer when all 4 would be going separate directions for the first time in their lives. They each have their own adventures and discoveries during their time apart but the pants draw them closer and give them the "boost" that they need at the time that they need it. I loved the book. It paints a wonderful picture of friendship and sisterhood that reminds you why your friends are your friends. I believe it to be a must-read for anyone who likes good friendship stories and tales of discovering who you are and those discoveries bringing you closer to the ones you love. It is written for a teenage audience, so it reads easy and quickly. I hope whoever reads it likes it as much as I did.

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